My name is Katrin Ellmann

My name is Katrin Ellmann and I was born in 1976. I am married to a Dutchman, a mother of two boys, and I live in the city of Rotterdam, in the province of Zuid-Holland

After a successful international career of twenty years, working at various multinationals in different countries, I decided to change course in 2016 and was retrained to become a coach and trainer. Inspiring people to become the best they can be, continuously invigorates, seeing how clients reach their goals and fulfil their dreams, full of strength and self-confidence. I coach people – at work and/or in private sessions – who want to further develop themselves, both for private or professional reasons.

Since I was very young, my family moved house every five years, and it made me approach people with an open mind. Constantly moving and growing up in a multicultural society has taught me to listen carefully, trying to put myself into someone else’s shoes.

My background in marketing and management helps me anticipate and to have a flexible mind, so I can assist both management and employees with their problems.

People who know me say I am: approachable, adventurous, openminded, honest, creative, empathetic, curious, passionate, result-oriented, and someone who really loves all cultures.  

I see it as my mission to inspire people to bring out the best in themselves and to fulfil their dreams. You can achieve everything you want, as long as you enjoy the journey towards it. I want to pass on all that I have learned to others. To help them to find their strengths again, so they can develop and grow.