Burn-out prevention

Something has been gnawing at your mind for some time now

You feel tired, have intermittent health issues and lack energy. Persevere for a while, then ease down a bit – that is what you tell yourself. You keep on going, ignoring the signals your body is sending you. Deep down you already know it: you are perhaps close to the dreaded “burn -out.”

Stress and the burn-out that may follow it are the consequences of a sustained unbalance between activity and rest. You have kept up this increasingly unhealthy way of life for months, maybe years, and now your battery is empty. You start losing contact with yourself, your body, your desires and your energy. Your body intervenes and puts you on hold.


Burn-outs are a growing problem. One in five people in the Netherlands is at home due to stress or burn-out related complaints (source: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). People that suffer from a burn-out are psychologically, physically and emotionally worn out, causing companies to face millions in losses. However, burn-outs do not happen overnight. Early recognition of the symptoms and preventive coaching can help to avoid the harmful consequences.

Preventive coaching

Burn-out treatment is still aimed at diminishing symptoms. These include for the most part: getting plenty of rest, find out what helps you regain your strength and what does not, and learn to set your limits with your counsellor’s assistance. This, however, does not remove the underlying causes, causing you to slip back into your old ways as soon as things get busy again.

Based on my own experience with a burn-out, I feel I am particularly suited to recognize symptoms of burn-out or stress early on and apply preventive coaching. During preventive burn-out coaching I work with a holistic approach – looking at physical, mental and emotional health – in order to identify the signals early on. I will guide you towards the underlying causes of your burn-out. I support this process by intervening on your identity level. I strongly believe that from inclusiveness you can become your best and thus live a balanced life.