“You are the greatest project you will ever work on. Take your time. Create magic.”

Life Coaching

As your Life coach I will guide you on your way to reach your personal goals, both in your private life and your career.

Some examples of problems my clients ran into:

  • I have lost myself and don’t know what I want anymore
  • I am looking for a sound grasp on my skills and abilities
  • I would like to find a better work-life balance
  • I am doubting myself
  • I feel stressed and fear becoming overstrung or burned out

I can help you with these issues by asking specific questions that make you aware of your thoughts and behaviour, which in turn will contribute to your growth and development. Subsequently, we will find out what you can do to achieve your goals in the best possible way. I will gladly get to work with you on that.

After a preliminary interview, free of obligations, I can give you an estimate of the timeline for this process. A couple of meetings might be enough to help you gain more insight and self-confidence.

Life coaching for personal growth and development

Generally, you feel you are coping fine however, once in a while you still get the feeling you are not reaching your optimum. This could be in your private life or at work. It could be you feel blocked somehow, are having trouble being yourself in certain situations, or you need more self-confidence, or you just have the feeling you are not reaching your full potential. I can help you recognize your personal strengths and capabilities. You will be more in contact with yourself and your needs and able to act from there.

This way, we will make you:

  • Acknowledge yourself and gain insight into your behaviour
  • Regain control over your life and be conscious about it
  • Recognize blockades and pitfalls and learn how to deal with them
  • Learn to recognize your emotions
  • Gain more self-confidence and energy

Life coaching for a better work-life balance

Do you recognize this: you have been busy all day, getting things done. At work you are focusing on reaching your targets, in the car you are stressed about whether you will make it to a private appointment on time, then go and have a quick work-out, meet up with some friends, post something funny on Facebook or Instagram, and so on. All day long, we struggle to catch our breath and take too little time to slow down and rest a while. We are so busy with managing the flow of things that we often neglect the little things in life, things that could bring us joy and energy.

Do you continuously experience this restlessness? This feeling of constantly coming up too short? That you are taking care of everyone, except yourself? I aim to help you become conscious of your own ineffective behaviour. This will provide you with:

  • Acknowledgement of and insight into your behaviour
  • Restorated inner peace through recognition of your personal needs
  • Better selfcare, better decisions, and the power to say ‘no’
  • A better work-life balance
  • More energy in your life!