Returning home after an expat assignment

I will help you resettle in your country of origin

Coming home from an expat assignment seems easy – after all, you are returning to familiar surroundings, your family, friends and work. Picking up life where you left it. The challenges one meets when returning home are often underestimated. As it happens, their world has not paused in your absence. While you were gone, your friends and family carried on living their lives! Your old, trusted employer did not stop evolving. You may return to a similar job as before, but potentially get bored pretty fast! You have gained so much knowledge about yourself, and also picked up new skills on the job, but now you feel you can’t put these to use in your new environment, which could feel very disappointing.  

You have noticed that your time abroad has changed you and your view on things. You may have adopted some norms and standards from that other culture. How are you going to settle back in the Netherlands, with your new identity and newly acquired skills?

Companies are usually pretty good in preparing people for their expat assignment, but they tend to fail when it comes to preparing them for resettlement afterwards. The biggest challenge remains continuous guidance, during and at the end of your assignment. Preparation is key!

I will provide you with knowledge about:

  • How to combine your newly developed values and norms with your return home.
  • How to talk about challenges and frustrations (both privately and at work).
  • How to resettle happily in the Netherlands or any other country.